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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 11, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today the governor of mississippi will look at damage from a week and tornado with parts of banalities continuing to dig out from as much as 3 feet of snow. >> a 14-year-old boy charged with killing his baby sister prepares for a court date. >> a look at grammy fashions, which stars really tested the new dress code. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> appropriately addressed this morning are weak. it's monday, february 11. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. our top story the weather. you don't want to leave home without the umbrella. meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> you will only need the umbrella this morning. quite a weekend with tornadoes in mississippi.
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a blizzard in the northeast. we missed the boat on all those things and got off pretty easy. it is just light rain this morning. along the potomac is where the edge of the steady rain is beginning to end. spotty showers still in fairfax and manassas, but that will not amount to much. the steady rain should be coming to an end by 9:00. we should all be done and just dealing with cloudy conditions. it will be a cloudy day, but a very mild day with temperatures in the 50's. 57 expected in d.c. we are keeping a close eye on a wet snow, suite rain, wednesday. -- sleet. now to jamee to look at their throats. >> a quiet-- the roads.
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>> here we are on 395 passing route 1 110 heading towards the district, no problems. in the district, dealing with an abandoned house fire in northeast d.c. at field place just off eastern ave. the eastern avenue is closed at burrows ave. addison road, that will work for you. in maryland, 270, there's road spray. back to you. >> as we deal with their rain in d.c., and other parts of the country are dealing with much more severe weather. >> in mississippi, it appears a single tornado caused damage in three counties in the southern part of the state. more than a dozen people injured in sunday's twister. ait damaged parts of the campus of university of southern mississippi.
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the governor plans to check out the damage later today. >> people still digging out in the northeast from all the record snowfall. things are slowly getting back to normal. >> amtrak service especially. brianne carter is live at union station with a look at how things are moving. >> between here and new york things should be fine for travelers. between new york and boston, a service will still be limited to day as crews continue cleaning up from the blizzard. picking it is a day of digging out and cleaning up for hundreds of thousands across the northeast. >> its 40. the initial hogan drive way, the snowplows put the snow back on your yard. >> in the hardest-hit massachusetts, schools are closed today. utility crews are working around the clock to get power back on to 200,000 still left in the dark. >> no heat, no electricity.
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>> considering the severity of the storm, the amount of snow, and the wind, we have come through this pretty well. >> travel is starting to pick up through new england. amtrak trains will run extended limited service from new york to boston. driving vans are no longer in place and flights resumed at major airports. -- driving bans are no longer in place. amtrak is encouraging customers to check on the train before getting out of the house. if you are traveling to the northeast and you don't yet have a ticket they advise you to do that and all first. delimited service provided, it will be difficult to get a ticket. back to you inside. >> finance charged with killing pilar go mother and daughter and then leaving their bodies in a burning car is scheduled to go on trial. jason scott is charged with murdering ebony and delores in march of 2009 and is exp
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suspected of killing another mother and daughter in the same area. he is already serving a 100 year prison sentence on unrelated charges. >> of 15-year-old boy from white oak, maryland, is accused of killing his 7-month-old sister. >> he will have a bond hearing this afternoon. the teenager was watching the baby while his mother was at work. john gonzalez is lives near the home now in white oak for the latest on this tragic story. >> this really is the unthinkable. the 14-year-old will make his first court appearance this afternoon, a bond hearing. the question, was this a tragic accident involving two children " was this intent to kill? in this white oak apartment, he beat her repeatedly and then cover the mouth and nose of the baby girl until she stopped crying. that's what the 14-year-old jonathan told police on the weekends. the young teenager has been in
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jail ever since, and charged as an adult. >> she never had a chance at life. it's a shame. two lives taken away now because the 14-rural just lost its life. >> the teenager was babysitting his infant sister. his mother left for work around 10:30 and commentgot home at 5:30 the next morning and found the baby in a car seat and responsive. >> in maryland is permissible to have a 14-year-old to watch a younger sibling under normal circumstances. >> the staff and holy cross hospital tells us when the little girl arrived, it was already too the late. the teenager has been cooperating with police. >> we had some trouble with the signal. 5:06. a leading republican directing to hold up senate confirmation of the nominee for defense secretary as well as the cia director. senator lindsey graham said that
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he first wants to winos to provide more answers about the deadly attack in benghazi. he is angry about what he calls white house stonewalling. white house is urging quick approval of the two nominees. >> president obama today will award the medal of honor for a former soldier and heroic efforts in afghanistan. former staff sergeant will receive the nation's highest military honor for his actions during an attack on a remote outpost in october of 2009. he is just the fourth living person to receive the award for service in iraq and the afghanistan. 5:07, 37 degrees on this monday morning. >> still ahead in a hollywood actor wants to reach out to the former lapd police officer wanted for murder.
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>> good monday morning at 5:10. it is a wet start. got to get going, the roads will be a little slow because of the wet pavement. meteorologist adam caskey if it is at the national harbor this morning. i see all the dampness. something happened this weekend.
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>> what happened? clerk somebody turned another year older. happy birthday. >> thank you. 29 again. it feels great. feels fantastic to be 29 again. right. i have my umbrella this morning and national harbor. it is a light drizzle coming down right now. the heavy rain already pushed through this area. the streets and sidewalks are weapt -- with some ponding. let me show you where the heaviest rain is at this time. most of the action is up 270 the interstate 70 as well, the 95 corridor from washington north of baltimore, even route 50. in virginia, most of it is coming to an end. most of the showers will be ending over the next couple
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hours. sunshine this afternoon. 38 degrees at national harbor. despite the clouds this morning and a few sticks of sun later today we will make it into the 50's. mid 50's this afternoon, looking good. sunshine and 50 degrees tomorrow or most of us all been around the upper 40's or 50 tomorrow. that's the latest on the forecast. let's go to jamee for look at the roads. what's going on? >> we are off to a quiet start. leaving fredericksburg north on interstate 95, looks good so far through triangle, dale city and to the beltway. not the best visibility. in maryland 270 on the beltway in college park, silver spring, toll road, all clear. no. these d.c., in the seat
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pleasant area, there's an abandoned house fire on feel placed just off eastern ave. this is east of 295, a stretch of eastern avenue closed between borrows avenue and foot street. the beltway is open for everyone. back to you. >> it's 37 degrees on this monday. >> america's top dog show kicks off in the big apple today. [ female
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krug a $1 million reward is being offered for the former lapd officer suspected of killing three people in california. the mayor of los angeles and elsevier board, citing authorities will not tolerate the reign of terror. christopher dorner was fired from the department in 2008. he vows to kill more police officers and their families for revenge. police and deployed dozens of officers to guard those deemed at risk. charlie sheen it'ss reaching out to charles dormer. he called charlie sheen also. charlie sheen thank him for his kind words and encourages him to call him. charlie sheen says "let's figure out together how to end this
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thing." >> vice president joe biden will tour the road to make another push for stricter gun control measures. he will travel to philadelphia for round table with philadelphia o law enforcement officials. some d.c. national guard soldiers are preparing to spend the next few months away from their families. family and friends held a sendoff ceremony for members of the 372nd military police battalion. sixty members leave tomorrow for 10-month tour of duty at guantanamo bay in cuba. they will help patrol the detention center. many of the guard members work for a local police department. >> it's time to take a look at traffic and weather. that's being affected by the rain. >> absolutely. it's been a couple weeks. it seems every time we have rain or snow, it's around the
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commute. >> yes. >> the rain will be over by the time the commute is over. get your coffee and get going. it's not a bad start this morning. it will shape up to be a mild day. 10 degrees above average this afternoon. live super doppler showing cold, wet grain across the region at this hour. pretty steady in gaithersburg and bowie and in annapolis. that's where the steady rain has been coming down. \ notice that it's coming to an end of the west of potomac. there's some rain in fairfax and dale city at this time. 38 degrees in d.c. at this time, misty until at 35, wind out of the south southwest at 3 miles an hour, but that will be picking up. if it's 34 degrees in winchester 37 dulles, 35 in hagerstown. there was some light freezing rain in pennsylvania overnight
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but that is beginning to fade out. 46 yesterday with a low of 26. look at the averages. in the same ballpark. snow for the season is still at 1.5 inches. our deficit is over 9 inches. will we make up for that later this week? we will see what happens. there's still uncertainty for the new system expected on wednesday. we expect to see what the weather today. drying out by the afternoon. clearing expected overnight. the next system comes from the south. it could be a wintry mix before valentine's day. some morning rain today in miles, between 52 and 58. increasing clouds tonight, 32 to 30 eight. 50 cent partly cloudy on tuesday. wednesday, it's questionable. maybe a wintry mix. sunshine by the end of the week, 48 degrees on friday.
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that's the latest on the forecast. jamee, what do you have? >> a quiet start to the early morning commute. no major problems. seeing a lot of rain and road spray. don't be afraid. take it with confidence. 395 passing landmark towards the 14th street bridge, good. around the beltway through tysons annandale alexandria, good. greenway and the toll road, no problems to the beltway. in maryland, the rain is coming down a little harder in parts of the area. back to you. >> experts say there's a cyber security threat in the united states. >> and apple is working on a product to watch. years diana perez. >> the u.s. is in the cross hairs. the intelligence community reportedly believes the united states is the target of a mass of cyber espionage campaign.
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they identified china as the main threat. several reports say apple closing next mobile device may be wristwatch that will perform some of the same functions as a smartphone including messages and pavements -- payments. there's a game that you manage circles to reach a total of 100. it is one of the brainy games on the ipad. >> it is a relaxing game, but is maybe a little hard at work for your brain. >> it's available also on the iphone.
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is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> in laurel and beltsville the tub water should start clearing up today.
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a contractor broken water main on the weekend causing cloudy water and low water pressure. officials say the water is safe to drink, but they don't recommend using it for baby formula or to wash clothing until the water clears up. here's something you don't want to hear. gas prices have shot up 25 cents over the past two six. the national average for regular is now a $3.58 a gallon. home here, $3.74 in d.c., $3.59 in maryland, $3.46 in virginia. a few inches of snow will not be enough to stop hundreds of dogs from descending on new york this week for the westminster kennel club dog show. >> more than 2700 dogs and 187 breeds and varieties are competing. this year's show features two greeks -- the tree walker as well as the russell terrier. the dogs will compete in several
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territories before competing in best of show on tuesday. it's 5:25 right now, 37 degrees. the news continues off at 5:30. >> still ahead, a preview of president obama's state of the union address and what he's (vo) they were married for... 53 years. she was his everything. he can't live alone anymore. but we donon't have the room. so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled...
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead witnesses grab their cell phones to catch a tornado barreling through southern mississippi. this is one of several areas in the u.s. experience in a weekend the wild weather. good morning, washington. it's monday, february 11. banks for joining us this morning. i am cynne simpson. >> we are getting through the month quickly.
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i am scott thuman. we are seeing a very a wet start for the workweek, which always causes issues. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras to talk about when this is expected to get out of the area. >> this should be gone in a couple hours. a lot of the rain has come to an end in virginia. it's a long 95 and off to the east for the steady rain is coming down. a few showers along 270, in fairfax county, dale city. that's about all. it's enough to make the roads west unfortunately during the commute. things will be better by midmorning. 37 degrees is the temperature right now in d.c. and dulles and gaithersburg, 36 in frederick 36 in frwinchester. it's going to be one day, even though little overcast and dreary. temperatures will get well into the 50's this afternoon. if a cooldown and perhaps a
5:31 am
wintry mix in the seven-day forecast. details. in a few time for traffic jamee. >> things are moving ok. it's early. good across the wilson bridge, american legion bridge, and the entire beltway, off to a good start. out of oxon hill 210, in good shape. 270, 267, toll road, looking good. ddot working an abandoned house fire. just east of 295, a stretch of eastern avenue is closed near bros. -- burrows. no problems on 95 or 66 in virginia. back to you. >> our top story more severe weather hit the u.s. this time in southern mississippi according to the national weather service. more than 50 people were injured after a tornado ripped through
5:32 am
hattiesburg. it damaged several homes and businesses along with parts of the campus of the university of southern mississippi. about three counties were affected. the governor of mississippi expects to check out the damage later today. >> slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal in parts of the northeast after the record snowfall especially with amtrak service. >> they are expanding service finally. it is still limited in some areas. let's get to brianne carter at union station with what the situation is now. >> traveling throughout the northeast was difficult through the weekend, but it is expected to pick up today. amtrak trains will be running a limited service between new york and boston but they are continuing to clean snow off the tracks and picking up down trees. it's all part of the cleanup process of going on in parts of the northeast as people are starting to dig out from the record snowfall. some cars literally and were
5:33 am
buried under mountains of snow. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. utility crews working to get them back on line as quickly as possible. schools in boston are closed. while driving ban is no longer in effect, it will still be slow going. airline service has resumed for most of the areas up there. the airports now back open and flights pretty much back on schedule. if you are taking a train, to check with your training for that to make sure things are continuing to move smoothly. we did see on the list today of amtrak trains around union station, one has been canceled later this afternoon. check before heading out the door. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. we do expect to learn more today about a disturbing case in white oak, maryland. it's a terrible situation. a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his 7-month-old sister.
5:34 am
cabin john gonzales is live in white oak with more on that story. >> this has led to this white oak community shocked. it happened on friday morning. that's when this little girl was found in these white oak apartment behind us. we can tell you the 14-year-old brother has been jailed ever since. he will have a bond hearing, his first appearance in court, at 1:00 this afternoon. he confessed to police that he repeatedly beat his 7-month-old sister and then she started crying. to try to stop her from crying, cover your mouth and her nose. she said she eventually did stop crying. again, 14-year-old johnathan aguiluc, call police and confessed. he's in jail charged with first- degree murder. he was babysitting his infant sister on thursday night when their 39-year-old mother left for work around 10:00 that evening.
5:35 am
she returned home at 5:30 the next morning to find the little girl sitting in a car seats unresponsive. the teenager has been charged with first-degree murder. the big question is was this a tragic accident involving two children or was there a dollar british intent to kill? -- or was there a deliberate intent to kill? >> president obama will deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night and is expected to talk about taxes and sequestration. the across-the-board cuts will take place march 1 of the president and congress cannot agree on an alternative/ the cuts would likely hit the d.c. area harder than anywhere. president obama has proposed one trillion dollars in deficit reduction, a combination of spending cuts and increased tax rebecca. president obama is expected to speak about gun-control during tuesday's speech as well.
5:36 am
>> a woman was a teenage daughter was gunned down in chicago has been invited to attend address. the 15-year-old girl was killed a week after she performed in the inaugural parade. two people of interest are in custody in connection with the murder. first lady michelle obama attended the funeral this weekend. >> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be among the guests for tuesday's address. she was invited by her former aide congressman ron barber. president mark kelly will also be there. the difference, wounded in a 2011 mass shooting in tucson, testified during a senate hearing on gun violence. last violence it's 37 degrees, 5:36 on this monday morning. >> we have an update on skier lindsay von. tell me you love me. tell me i'm beautiful. tell me we'll grow old
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>> hi, jordan. >> i am kayla. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, blake. i meteorologist jacqui jeras. 5:39 is the time. rain is coming to an end, but the roads are wet. that will impact your commute.
5:40 am
if we will find out what kind of day it is shaping up to be with adam caskey at the national harbor. >> good morning. just light rains falling here. it's more than just a drizzle but still very light. i am under the hatchback and a storm chaser 7, keeping the drive. we have been tracking live super doppler 7 on board. i have noticed the bulk of the rain, the steadiest rain, especially along and east of 95 in maryland. it's not that heavy here at national harbor at this time in maryland. southern maryland, route 50, the b-w parkway, and the 95 corridor from d.c. to baltimore is still very wet. it's all pushing off to the east and moving out of town. we will still have some rain in the viewing area over the next couple hours. 37 degrees in washington now, 37 in gaithersburg. mid to upper attorneys for the most part.
5:41 am
we will make it into the 50's this afternoon with a few sticks of sun before the sunset. the rena clearing out over the next couple hours, especially by lunchtime, high and dry. what do you have on the commute jamee? >> just volumes starting to form time and the cold, wet rain, but we can do this together. 270 leaving fredericton urbana and hyattstown, same as every morning. we are ok, but the road spray is a factor. plan a little extra time, for everybody. no problems to report on the capital beltway. 50 and the john hanson highway normal. 50 inside the beltway in cheverly and at u.s. tell worth avenue, trouble lanes are open. -- u.skenilworth avenue, travel
5:42 am
lanes are open. back to you. >> it's 37 degrees. >> district dress code at the grammy awards did not stop some stars from testing the limits. are you surprised? sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> we're getting our first images of the u.s. military pullout from afghanistan. >> let's check in would jummy olabanji for the latest. >> we just got these pictures from the associated press. you can see these images. the u.s. has started using a land route to pakistan to pull equipment out of afghanistan. military officials have moved over 50 shipping containers into that country yesterday. these are the first convoys to cross into pakistan as part of the afghan pull out. this will be a key route for the u.s. to withdraw tens of thousands of pieces of equipment and vehicles from afghanistan.
5:46 am
most of the combat troops will be out of that country by the end of 2014. so far, it looks like they are starting to get a lot of the military equipment out of there in the meantime. back to you. >> that's good to see. american skier lindsey vonn is recovering from knee surgery after tearing two ligaments during a terrible crash at the world championship. >> it was difficult to watch. she also broke a bone in her lower leg. if a doctor says he's optimistic she will make a full recovery. the 28-year-old hopes to be back in time for the 2014 winter games. >> that's abc 7 sports director tim brant with a call from college park. most of his calls were going virginia's quail. uva defeated the terrapins. they have won three straight. the terrapins are now 5 and 6 in
5:47 am
the acc. duke is coming to town on saturday. >> the capitals had a brick out performance this weekend and defeated florida 5-0. >> after so many heart wrenching losses and blowouts already this season the capitals finally showed dominance saturday night. shutting out the florida panthers. it was so good. fans wanted to see that for sure. troy scored three goals and alex ovechkin had apoint4 points. they will face gordon again -- [no audio] >> we had some technical difficulties. but it was a big night for the capitals. coming up at 6:00, a new report on ways to help kids going
5:48 am
through dramatic situations. >> what's behind the jump in red- light cameras in rockville. >> maker's mark makes a cut just to meet global demand. ? still ahead at 6:00. >> music stars from taylor swift to justin timberlake and jay-z takes the stage for the a grammy awards. it was a big night. now look at the night's big winners. >> the music industry celebrated its own with a night of our full performances. >> we are never getting back together ♪ >> justin timberlake returned to the grammys stage after a hiatus, performing his new single "suit and tie." fun won for best new artist. >> i did not think we were going to win against frank ocean and everybody amazing. >> the black tkeys, best song
5:49 am
and best rock albumm. frank ocean, buster and contemporary album. prince presented the record of the year for gotye. >> many years listening to this man's music and a big reason i was inspired to make music. >> album of the year went to mumford & sons. a collection of performers include elton john, mavis staples, and martin suns paid tribute to the ban leleaving home. and it was attributed to a sandy hook. >> some of the gas-x pushed the limits when it came to the press code -- some of the guests push
5:50 am
the limits when it came to the dress code. >> katie perry's gown showed a lot of cleavage and she said she was inspired by priscilla presley in the 1970's. >> actress and singer jennifer lopez was also inspired, perhaps, by angelina jolie from last year. she wore black gown with a very high split with her right leg on display. lopez said the addressdress code did not say anything about showing a lot of leg. pushing the limits a little. 5:50 now. let's check in with jacqui for a look at the weather. >> that is half the fun, looking at the outfits. >> absolutely. >> especially katie perry. >> a little early for those kind
5:51 am
of pictures. >> really. >> is going to be one day. temperatures 10 degrees above average. take a look and its satellite picture. this is all of the snow cover across the northeast. you can see the it along the new jersey coast where the snow tapers off. d.c. is down here. what you see over us is cloud cover, not snow. you can pick out the finger lakes across the northeast. if you take all that snow and put it on top of d.c., how much it would equate to and how much it would weigh 10 billion tons. make sure to and go to our website to check it out. 37 degrees this morning until 35, wind out of the south
5:52 am
southeast at 3 miles an hour. not bad. the wind will pick up throughout the day to bring in the warmer temperatures. 37 in quantico now, 37 in culpeper, 36 in frederick. good morning. things will get better. the averages this time of year is 46 and 30. we will stop that by 10 degrees this afternoon. our snowfall for the season stays at 1.5 inches, down 9 inches. there's no snow over the next few days. we will have to see what happens in the middle of the week. the weather system impacting us today is bringing blizzard conditions in the dakotas and minnesota, tornadoes in the deep south including mississippi. we are in between. some clearing could take place later today. overall, we will have to be patient and wait until late tonight. colorado whether on tuesday. another area of low pressure will come out of that southern
5:53 am
system to enter here on wednesday. i'm leaning toward rain and snow but we will watch it. today but to appear 50's. clouds increasing tonight. low temperature between 32 and 38. a decent tuesday. on wednesday that system is questionable. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's at the end of this work week with sunshine on friday. i look forward to that. how about produce? -- how about the rodeads? >> in a few delays forming. rain and road spray will be an issue. no delays and new hampshire avenue and district of the beltway. in the frederick area, 270 going towards urbana hyattstown 109, extremely slow. we do have lanes open through
5:54 am
this stretch. ddot crews working an abandoned house fire in the seat pleasant area in northeast d.c. off eastern ave. eastern is closed torrance mlk jr. highway. 95 and 66 lanes are open. back to you. >> was in the dishes could actually be better than getting flowers on valentine's day. >> and a merger deal bringing together budweiser and corona under one roof could take longer than anticipated. linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good to see you. >> good to see you. anheuser-busch looking to purchase the maker of coronoaa in a $20 billion deal, but the justice department is halting the merger over possible antitrust.
5:55 am
bloomberg doubled federal court data and we found a judge's cases from 2003 to more than eight years toulon. are you cash strapped this valentine's day? procter and gamble which makes many cleaning products, did conduct a study. they found everyday acts of love such as doing one's household chores or making a home cooked meal could mean more to your sweetheart than four hours of one day of the year. valentine's day spending can get very expensive. the national retail federation says the average person will shell out $131 on anything from cards to canada gifts -- to candy to gifts. i do the cleaning, but i would rather have flowers or candy. >> maybe a nice dinner or jewelry.
5:56 am
thanks so much. 5:55, 37 degrees right now. >> the widow of penn state football coach joe paterno is giving her first television interview since his death. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> joe paterno's family said the university rushed to judgment in
5:59 am
its report on the child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. a report commissioned by an joe paterno's family said the former fbi director's report was fundamentally flawed. the report names joe paterno and three administrators for covering up the allegations against jerry sandusky. the new report comes as joe paterno's wife is sitting down for her first tv interview since arrest and died in early 2012. >> she responded to allegations that her husband was going on but cared more about his team than reporting the abuse. >> it's vile. >> she said her husband was


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